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Scientific Nutrition
Immunity & Well-being
Natural Preservation
Oral & Body Care
Inner Beauty
Life Processes

Axyar outstands in the global supply of high-pure natural bio-ingredients and specialized tailor-made formulations for all target groups, together with proficient consulting services in life markets and the usual best service adapted to each of our customers.

Human & Animal Nutrition

Immunity & disease prevention.
Growth stimulation & yield increase.
Anti-ageing & control of oxidative processes.

Natural preservation of food & cosmetics

Shelf life extension & quality protection.
Improvement of organoleptic properties.

Nutraceutical formulations

Kids & adolescents, adults & 3rd aged.
Patients under treatment recovery.

Sports formulations

High-performance & active lifestyle.
Enhanced & prolonged energy.
Pre- & post- exercise tonics.
Tissue injury recovery.
Fat loss & lean muscle promoters.

Natural dermatological solutions

Microbial infections treatment (antibiotic-free).
Oral hygiene & xerostomy.
Skin beauty compounds.

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